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In this program you are writing your own chapter in a multi-author book. The content you contribute will be determined by the title of the book. If you feel that you have a life lesson to share but you aren’t quite ready to pen an entire book, this is a perfect way to get your feet wet. The goal for this process is to feature approximately 24 authors collectively on a specific topic chosen by the The Art of Grace Publishing House. Each author contributes their own dash of wisdom and guidance, leaving the reader with 24 life lessons of courage, resilience, ambition, strength, joy, and more. As you come to the conclusion of your story, the goal is to guide the reader into taking actionable steps that help create the momentum needed to shift their own life like you did for yourself.

If you are ready for that next please see below to apply.

When you sign on to a multi-author book here is the process;

  • Fill out a brief questionnaire to see if the book is a fit for you.
  • Have a brief discussion with Brigid to speak about your topic.
  • Make the decision to embark on this amazing experience.
  • Write your 3,000 word chapter and bio.
  • Submit your chapter for review.
  • Make edits after your chapter is returned from the editor.
  • Submit your final chapter.
  • Begin setting yourself up for book launch day!
  • Brigid and The Art of Grace team takes care of the rest!

Don’t let others write the story of your life…

If you are looking for a way to leave a legacy, here is your chance.
Don’t wait for a better time to share your story.
Your time is NOW.
Think of the lives you’re inspiring, empowering, and uplifting through the gift of your voice and words.
The Art of Grace Publishing house is ready to help you create a new chapter or even an entire book in your life.