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Trudy Malins
Intuitive: Knowing Your Truth

Firstly how amazing are we! International Best-Selling Authors! Yay.

I just wanted to let you know how amazing you have been throughout the process of writing a chapter in Intuitive – Knowing Her Truth.

I did not plan to publish any work so soon but fate intervened and I found myself in the capable hands of you and your amazing publishing house The Art of Grace.

Such a fantastic name as you have guided me through this with grace and love.

You have held my hand, even when they were very sweaty due to panic when I could not find a link on Facebook or FOMO was rearing its ugly head.

The community of strong women that you have brought together still astounds me and I do not think that you are truly aware of your awesomeness!

You are leading the charge for women AROUND THE WORLD.

On a personal note you have given me the power to begin to tell my story and the courage to truly begin my healing. Your support team (and you obviously) within The Art Of Grace Publishing House have made this journey full of joy and laughter even as many topics became serious.

Your diligence in holding the space for us to share has never wavered. If one person reads my chapter and feels empowered to tell her story then Brigid, you’ve helped me do that.
So please keep on keeping on!

To the women of the world, if this magnificent lady comes into your life with a book opportunity grab it with both hands, sweaty or not, its your choice! Please do not sit on the fence, jump in, because I can and I will tell you that Brigid has got you.

The Art of Grace Publishing House is more than its name. It and Brigid are a safe place in a world that has gone a bit crazy. You become more than an author (International Best Selling Author that is), you find you, and a community of women.

I stand stronger now having been given the opportunity to speak my truth.
So Do It.

Brigid is a very well connected Author and Publisher.

She has a wealth of knowledge in her industry.
She is extremely passionate about her work and has master skills in all facets and is continuously building her persuasion stack.

She is an International Business leader with an honorable motive, to help everyone win in the most authentic and ethical way.

She is the real deal, a dedicated empathetic mentor who cares about everyone she works with.

I highly recommend working with her.

Love and Regards,
Payal Kakria

Payal Kakria
Intuitive: Knowing Your Truth