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I help sensitive people to find meaning in profound experiences, to heal from trauma, and to harmonise their inner wisdom, intelligence, and in-body connections

I’m offering 50% off a 1-hour session, which expires 31st December 2022.

I help women find alternative solutions for their health that are simple and sustainable

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The purpose of the Food & Mood Journal is to:

  • Increase Your Awareness of what you eat, how you feel, how much you move and how you digest.
  • Track your progress over time. Track what you eat and how you feel is an excellent way to help you and your nutritional therapy practitioner identify improvement.
  • Provide actionable data to your Nutritional Therapy practitioner to create a personalised action plan.

$10 off my Break Free Parenting Zone Monthly Membership.

Use coupon code-: SUMMIT2022 to receive $10 off your first month’s membership fee.

I am giving away a free meditation to:  Enter within and open Your inner Seeing as well as my 4 week class;  Intuitive Tools For Everyday Living at half price or $250.00.  Normally, $400.

Welcome to your gateway to achieve a calmer, more balanced, empowered and energized state.

Click the link below to access and download this meditation!

Get a quick overview over your personal:

  • Energy Type & Strategy: Align with your body’s aura to move through the world with the least resistance
  • Inner Authority: Your way to tap into your intuitive “yes” and “no”!

This is also an opportunity to clarify any questions you may have about Human Design in general.

30 min free heart-to-heart conversation with me.

To Embody your Higher Self is to Live the Highest Version of You on Planet Earth- Blue Diamond Heart

Linda Emslie

Soul Connection Mentor | Lovlali

The Workbook is for those who have watched to be able to find their pieces in the journey of wound to rising.

The discount for those who have watched is an evergreen discount, for those that subscribe to my monthly group Phoenix Rising they will receive the first three months of their subscription for just $1 versus the standard rate of $37 – this is via a coupon code which is INTUITIVESUMMIT.


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ATTENDING & ATTUNING – A Guide For Noticing (the world)


Special Offer – Vinnie Mahler
Heart Hands Alignment

Discovery Call – Sophia Harvey

This is your time to find out firsthand what is on offer and how I can best support you. Let’s have a chat and see if we are a good fit!

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