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Hear Her Roar: Successful Women Who Experienced Domestic Abuse

This book shares the personal experiences and tools of amazing women who were once abused – as partners, as children, in personal relationships – and now are successful and strong, strong enough to speak out and share their stories.

This is a topic usually hidden behind closed doors. A topic not spoken of. A topic that people like to pretend does not exist.
Not anymore.

This book has women who choose to speak out.
This is no longer allowed to be a shamed, shunned topic.
These women bring to light what happens, the cycles, the mindset of those on the other side.

These women are using our experiences to speak up, to show up, and to share.
This is so other women know they too can share. They deserve their stories to be heard.

You are believed, you are worthy and you are allowed to feel all you feel.

Its time to Hear Us Roar… to see how this pain became our passion.

One of the aims of this book is to help women see what’s possible once they choose to not be in a domestic abuse relationship.

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