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An in-depth instructional video to guide you on How To Write A Chapter in a Multi-Author Book

Do you want to write in a multi-author book so you can share your story with the world, and boost your growth and visibility?

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I want to help you with your personal growth and your ability to see your own capacity!

You will learn where your capacity lies…Everyone’s capacities are different! I always say, you can take THREE HOURS, THREE DAYS or THREE WEEKS to write one 3,000 word chapter. It’s all about choice!

What People Are Saying

“Brigid is a very well connected Author and Publisher. She has a wealth of knowledge in her industry. She is extremely passionate about her work and has mastered skills in all facets and is continuously building her persuasion stack. She is the real deal, a dedicated empathetic mentor who cares about everyone she works with.”

Payal Kakria

“I did not plan to publish any work so soon but fate intervened and I found myself in the capable hands of you and your amazing publishing house The Art of Grace. You are leading the change for women AROUND THE WORLD. On a personal note you have given me the power to begin to tell my story and the courage to truly begin my healing.”

Trudy Malins

“Brigid includes mentoring, space-holding, gentle nudging, tough love, practical tools, enough space for one’s unique style of writing and all at a very reasonable, affordable price in the Launch Your Legacy program.”

Saru Gupta