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This is for you if…

→You want to boost your engagement and increase your visibility so more people can hear your stories. 

→You are looking to expand your business and open up to new networks in a different way.

→You are ready to grow, up-level and truly transform your business (and increase your business profits!)

Here’s the thing.

When you write intuitively and from the heart, more people will see and hear you because everything is connected energetically.

When you start implementing what I show you in the free video, I am confident you will boost your engagement significantly and start to see real results almost instantly.

People need to hear your story!

Are you ready to start writing intuitively and start sharing your story with more people all over the world?

Hi! I’m Brigid!

I’m the founder of The Art Of Grace Publishing House and I have become a bestseller 4 times.

The Art Of Grace Publishing House officially started in October 2020. What inspired me to start publishing was my passion for sharing women’s voices and sharing women’s stories, especially because women’s voices have been suppressed for so long.

I have experienced this first-hand. When I was in the corporate world, I was often the only female at the table and my thoughts were constantly overlooked.

After many years feeling stuck in the corporate world, I finally found my true passion, publishing. The publishing really lights me up because I love to see women’s transformations as they publish their work. It truly fulfills me! Helping women discover something in themselves that they didn’t know they had before is what motivates me and inspires me every single day.

My mission is to encourage women like you to see the benefits of writing and publishing your own stories. By amplifying our voices and collaborating together, I believe we can change the world.

What People Are Saying

“Brigid is a very well connected Author and Publisher. She has a wealth of knowledge in her industry. She is extremely passionate about her work and has mastered skills in all facets and is continuously building her persuasion stack. She is the real deal, a dedicated empathetic mentor who cares about everyone she works with.”

Payal Kakria

“I did not plan to publish any work so soon but fate intervened and I found myself in the capable hands of you and your amazing publishing house The Art of Grace. You are leading the change for women AROUND THE WORLD. On a personal note you have given me the power to begin to tell my story and the courage to truly begin my healing.”

Trudy Malins

“Brigid includes mentoring, space-holding, gentle nudging, tough love, practical tools, enough space for one’s unique style of writing and all at a very reasonable, affordable price in the Launch Your Legacy program.”

Saru Gupta

You could be the next success story!

It all starts here!