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Does this sound like you?

→ You dream of creating a book that touches hearts and changes lives!

→ You are ready to take on your solo book journey, so you can create another level in your business and achieve all of your personal goals!

→ You’re SO ready to reach ‘bestseller’ status! 

If any of this sounds like you, THIS is where you need to be…

What if…

✓ Your story could be read by future generations and you could leave a legacy for your family?

✓ You had hundreds of people in your DMs thanking you for sharing your story and changing their lives?

✓ You could totally SKYROCKET your business growth by just publishing ONE book?

✓ You could be guided with the entire writing and publishing process, so writing your book feels fun and effortless, instead of tiresome and overwhelming?

What’s included?

Step by step guidance on how to write your book, so the whole process feels easy and aligned!

Assistance gathering content for your book, so you won’t feel stuck with where to start or what to write!

Formatting (Both for the digital and paperback version), to improve readability!

What Makes This Program Different?

I Will Be Your ‘ALL IN ONE’

I asked some of my authors who joined Launch Your Legacy to describe the program for me. One author described me as the…

Book Guide, keeping us on track throughout the journey.

Book Champion, singing our praises to help us be more visible in the world.

Book Counsellor, talking us through our fears and challenges.

Book Coach, giving us a swift kick up the backside when we’ve needed an extra push.

Book Manager, making sure all the logistical back end elements are taken care of so we don’t need to worry about them.

Book Guru, being our go-to for any questions about the writing and publishing process.

Book Midwife, she is just as committed as me to seeing that this book is born into the world.

All The Practical Tools You Need

When you sign up for Launch Your Legacy, you will have access to ALL the tools that you will require to amplify your voice and make a change through sharing your stories.


I am a two time best selling author, and I have years of experience publishing my own stories, as well as experience in helping other women to write and publish their own stories. 

I will mentor you, support you, and help you to find and use your unique writing style. You will be guided every step of the way. You will also be surrounded by a collective group of amazing, like-minded women!

Your Journey Starts Here!

Hi! I’m Brigid!

I’m the founder of The Art Of Grace Publishing House and I have become a bestseller 4 times.

The Art Of Grace Publishing House officially started in October 2020. What inspired me to start publishing was my passion for sharing women’s voices and sharing women’s stories, especially because women’s voices have been suppressed for so long.

I have experienced this first-hand. When I was in the corporate world, I was often the only female at the table and my thoughts were constantly overlooked.

After many years feeling stuck in the corporate world, I finally found my true passion, publishing. The publishing really lights me up because I love to see women’s transformations as they publish their work. It truly fulfills me! Helping women discover something in themselves that they didn’t know they had before is what motivates me and inspires me every single day.

My mission is to encourage women like you to see the benefits of writing and publishing your own stories. By amplifying our voices and collaborating together, I believe we can change the world.