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In this program you are writing your own book.

Although you are the solo pen to this process, you are held in a sacred container with other peer authors in the group. Here, you share wisdom and foster empowerment with authors embarking on a similar journey as you.

Recognize that your paths are different, but your courage, bravery, and strength illuminate the path so that others may follow in your footsteps.

Imagine you are on a stage, sharing your story. Perhaps you are doing an interview on a podcast. Maybe you are even on T.V. speaking about the launch of your new book?

This can be your life, but you’ve got to get your story straight!

Here are the first steps you should consider when determining if writing a book is for you;

  • First Determine what story you want to bring to the world.
  • Then – Find an editor who understands your vision, writing style, and creative process.
  • Next Create a rough outline as to what you would want to speak about. (Chapters are created)
  • Last Embark on the cover design process, self-publishing how-to’s, marketing yourself and book promotion time!!!

Don’t let others write the story of your life…
If you are looking for a way to leave a legacy, here is your chance.

Don’t wait for a better time to share your story.

Your time is NOW.

Think of the lives you’re inspiring, empowering, and uplifting through the gift of your voice and words.

The Art of Grace Publishing house is ready to help you create a new chapter or even an entire book in your life.