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Hear Her Roar: Successful Women Who Experienced Domestic Abuse

Here I give you 14 incredibly strong women who experienced domestic abuse and their stories and ways forward. This is our way of coming together of working toward a solution to eliminate domestic abuse and family violence.

It is heart breaking and it shocked me how incredibly easy it was to find women who shared such similar trauma. It scares me even more that I had 22 other women who were too afraid to publish their stories because they worried; “He will find me.”

These words might break your heart open, make you sad and feel frustrated- well good! Use those feelings and help us do something. Anything! At the back of this book I’ll provide some of the ways to seek help and give you some options and ways to seek help. If you do not feel comfortable with that, reach out to me, to one of the authors, to a friend, to someone – just do not suffer in silence.

And if you have never been in a domestic abuse situation, I would be glad if you take just one thing away let it be this- she can’t “just leave”, it’s far more complex and nuanced than that.