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Intuitive: Speaking Her Truth

INTUITION, we all have it, we are all born with it, we are all worthy of it. Yet, somewhere along the way many of us lose touch with it. We find ourselves in situations, experiences, perhaps even unknown realms and disconnect from our intuitive self. We forget to trust ourselves; we forget to ask ourselves the questions and turn to outside sources, we allow our culture, society even our loved ones to influence our thoughts and beliefs. Thankfully, that does not mean you can never reconnect to your intuition! It is not only possible but it is likely where you will find deeper connection and value in yourself.

When speaking your own truth, whether that be in the written form or in the spoken word, it can bring us back to our intuition. As an intuitive, that true nature we all are, it is important that we not only know our own truth but that we speak it.

Speaking from their heart centre, the women in this book share vulnerable experiences with you and show you the lessons you need to learn, to grow, to reconnect to your intuitive self Through their stories of pain, triumph, and change you can learn to trust yourself so you too can speak your truth.

It is with great respect and an honour that present you to you INTUITIVE – Speaking Her Truth, the second in the series of INTUITIVE books.