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Prosperity Codes: How To Attune To & Attract Wealth, Joy and Abundance

In this book, the authors explore the true meaning of PROSPERITY through their personal stories, beliefs, values, experiences and challenges.

The question these authors seek to answer is: “IS THERE MORE TO PROSPERITY THAN MEETS THE EYE”?

Webster’s dictionary defines prosperity as “the state of being prosperous.”
And prosperous: (adj.) as “having success; flourishing. Well-to-do; well-off. Propitious; favorable.”

Because how can prosperity really be understood by the definitions above if not in a relatable context. Prosperity is not a one-size-fits-all potion. It’s not something that you can bottle up for one person and say this is the end-all-be-all for another. That’s the magic of it, really.

The stories that you will read in this book meander through life experience, background, upbringing, jobs, careers, values and beliefs. The women each bring an unparalleled definition and understanding of abundance, prosperity, joy and wealth to the table. What we have come to acknowledge and realize is that everyone has their own unique “prosperity code”.

What is right for one, leaves something to be desired for another.

  • Some people want gold necklaces, the latest Chanel purse and the newest iPhone.
  • Some desire organic food at their fingertips, money flowing from doing that in which they love and close-knit relationships. Some want the $200k per year salaries, the nicest cars, the first class flight experience and the luxury apartment.
  • Some desire something more elusive; a feeling or a state of being related to their own definition of prosperity.

Who is to say what is right or what is wrong in the eyes of prosperity? No one.

We each have the ability to define what is true and right for us and lead our lives as a shining example of our own values.