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💃Listening, reading and learning from others has allowed me to grow at a faster pace.
💃Knowing that sharing your story may help someone is truly an inspiration to write.
💃Being involved in a multi author book is exciting and easier to promote as you are promoting more than your own story, you are promoting so many amazing stories from so many amazing spirits.
💃This experience allows me to focus and expand on my abilities / gifts and remembering how important my work is.💝

Being in a Multi-Author allowed me to feel more safe sharing my story because it was the first time I had shared it & knowing I wasn’t alone with Sisters going through tough times too. ❤

✨ Allows me to fully step into and utilise my gifts
✨ Will assist me to step out of my comfort zone – I am shining my light, being seen and heard in an awesome new, wonderful way!
✨ My word for this year is ‘interconnectedness’ – a multi-author book just personifies that.

I’ve always known I was meant to share my story, I feel like a multi author book is a great way to share my story with as many people as possible.

Being in a multi author book allows you to dip your toes in the water! That’s just the beginning. Being brought into a community of like minded people when you feel your story is not big enough is an amazing support network. It has opened my world to so many other amazing women 💖

When I was fearful of presenting my own words to paper and public, a multiauthor book gave me the opportunity to show up and be held in the beautiful arms of my sister authors.
Multiauthor opportunities mean that I got the experience without the loneliness 💕