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There is sure to be something that aligns with everyone!

Connect with the different Authors from the Intuitive Series books and discover how they came to trust in their intuition

Discover many ways how to strengthen your own intuitition 

Grow through the lessons of others

Follow your intuition and be part of something great!

Why not go VIP?
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Why do I want it?

Everything included in the Free ticket plus:

  • One Year Free subscription to the Digital Magazine The Journey of Words Magazine for Entrepreneurs, Writers, Authors and Publishers valued at $29USD.
  • Access to 3 x Amazing Masterclasses from Brigid Holder of The Art of Grace Publishing House and Caroline Wong of Tru North Tribe valued at $1200USD
    • Engage your audience on Social Media
    • Discover the Top 5 things to share to promote your book
    • Intuitive Storytelling
  • Access to 4 x Intimate Zoom Rooms with the Authors – getting up close and asking the burning questions on your mind! Dive deeper! Valued at $1000USD
  • Access to video recordings of all presentations and guest speakers at the end of the Summit. Valued at over $2000USD
  • Extra Major Prize draw entries for each day you participate in BINGO!
  • The Major Prize = a place in a Multi-Author Book and the associated program with The Art of Grace Publishing House valued at $1300USD (or you may use this towards your solo book)

Want to know more about
The Intuitive Summit?

In this podcast episode you will:

Hear from the publishers that are putting on the Virtual Summit in March. We cover what it means to be intuitive, how the summit came to be, and how to tap into your intuitive side.