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Are you someone who is excited by words?

This is an idea that was birthed by Caroline sometime back where she approached me and said, “I would love to do a magazine with you. This is my idea.” And, I just went, “wow, this is amazing. I think that this is a wonderful thing and we would love to work with you on a magazine.

We wanted to have the opportunity to bring something to the world that wasn’t there.
This is a magazine that is for writers, authors, publishers, and entrepreneurs who want to get better at their writing and the editors who want to share their work with the world.

This magazine is able to allow us to come together, not only in the written word, but in the spoken word as well.

An amazing digital magazine that explores a range of areas including:









and more …

This magazine will be issued every 3 months, with all past magazines made available to current subscribers.